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💌 Is this zine non-profit or for-profit?
This is a non-profit zine! All proceeds will go to Nature Conservancy.
💌 Where can I find info on the mod team?
Our Mod Team section has links to every mod's social media. Our Mod Spotlights are also archived in our Twitter likes.
💌 What size will the zine be?
We will be doing an A5 sized zine. More information about the size of the zine can be found in our info doc.
💌 Will this zine allow Amber shipping content?While we'll allow shipping content, we ask that contributors not make it the central focus of their piece. We want to focus mainly on Amber!
💌 Does this zine have age restrictions?
Certain roles within our zine are age-restricted such as mods. However, there will be no hard age restriction for contributors. Due to possible NSFW content, this may be subject to change.💌 Is it possible to be a mod intern?Unfortunately, we will not be taking mod interns for this project.💌 Will this zine allow NSFW content?Depending on interest and feasibility, we will consider a possible NSFW side book once the mod team is assembled and applications have been sent out.

Mod Azu
Social Media
She/Her | Carrd
Mod Azu is on her third zine and is desperate to keep people from realizing she has exactly one marketing style. She welcomes you to the bunny realm! You won't be leaving.

Mod Matcha
She/Her | Twitter
Hello hello! I am a gremlin who likes Genshin lore more than my own major, please send help.

Mod Kailani
She/They | Insta
Kailani here, reporting for duty! I am super thrilled to be able to contribute to this zine and I am looking forward to seeing our diligent Outrider get some time in the lime light. Amber (and the ever-reliable Baron Bunny) gave me my first taste of Teyvat fire power, and now pyro is a staple of my team dynamic.

Mod Renaitreve
Writer Mod
Any | Twitter
Hi there, I'm Belle! When I first saw that there was going to be an Amber zine, I knew that I just had to be a part of it. I've loved Amber ever since I started playing Genshin, and I know I will continue to do so for the rest of my time playing Genshin. ♡

Mod Moo
Shipping Mod
They/Them | Twitter

Mod Kroalias
Layout Mod
They/Them | Twitter

Mod Kroalias
Layout Mod
They/Them | Twitter